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Generally without a paper form at hand, the insured loses a lot of time in reporting a car claim. DigiConstat is a mobile application designed to make this task easier and faster.

Simple and intuitive, DigiConstat allows its users, in a few minutes, to fill the form, design the sketch and sign with finger on the screen to report a claim.

A signed PDF version is sent by email in one click to all parties involved.

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Discover DigiConstat

Main features

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  • Assistance and control to avoid errors

  • Geolocation of the accident

  • Taking photos of the car and damages

  • Simple and quick sketching on smartphone

  • Signature with finger on the screen

Discover DigiConstat

Some screenshots

  • DigiConstat_MyAccountVF

    My account

    My account section is designed to make the report creation easy and fast.
    It allows the insured to enter in advance his personal information (his insurance policy, his vehicles, his signature, etc.).

    When creating a claim report, all informations provided will be pre-filled for a quick entry and less errors.

  • DigiConstat_Step7VF

    Step 7: Sending the claim PDF

    Once all the steps are completed, the PDF report is automatically generated by the application.

    4 copies are sent by email to the insurers (A/B) and policyholders (A/B).

  • Step6_Signature_DigiConstat

    Step 6: Signature

    As simple as with pen on a paper document, the user signs with the finger on the smartphone screen before generating the PDF report and sending it to insurer

  • interface2

    Sketch of the accident

    This module allows an easy and fast creation of the sketch of the accident.

    By simply dragging the objects provided in the menu (vehicles, signs, lines, etc.), the user can design the sketch of the accident.

  • DigiConstat_Step3VF

    Step 3: Accident circumstances

    To clarify the circumstances of the accident, the user should select the best sentences that describe the situation of the collision

  • DigiConstat_AccidentPicVF

    Vehicule and damage photos

    This is the most important step.
    The user must take photos of his damaged vehicle, its registration number, the accident location and any photo allowing a better description of the situation.

  • DigiConstat_Step2VF

    Step 2: Vehicle and policy information

    This step allows the user to provide information about his vehicle and the insurance policy.

    The user can fill manually this information or get it automaticaly from the insurance comapny.

  • DigiConstat_Step1VF

    Step 1: General information

    This step concerns the general information about the accident.

    The user finds the same asked in the classic paper claim.

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